Reports 2001 


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New Crafts for an Old Machine?

Civil Service competence in economic policy making

Christopher Hood and Martin Lodge


The report summarizes the discussions of a seminar held in London on 26 October 2001 at the German Historical Institute London. The seminar was placed in context of a research project on civil service competence in economic policy-making, thus offering a valuable platform to discuss initial reserach findings and to generate a wider discussion of the topic.


December 2001, published online only


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Child Poverty in Britain and Germany

Stephen P. Jenkins, Christian Schluter, Gert G. Wagner


This report studies patterns and trends in child poverty in Britain and Germany. Unusually, it uses not only a cross-section approach (measuring who and how many are poor at any given time, and comparing these maps of poverty at different moments); but also longitudinal studies of individuals' poverty "careers", and the trigger events associated with entry into and exit from poverty.


December 2001, ISBN 1 900834 29 4, £15.00


Comparing London and Frankfurt as World Cities:A Relational Study of Contemporary Urban Exchange

Jonathan V. Beaverstock, Michael Hoyler, Kathryn Pain, Peter J. Taylor


The report examines changing relations between London and Frankfurt with the introduction of a single European currency and the decision to locate the European Central Bank in Frankfurt. Based on interviews with key personnel in global financial and business service firms and institutions in both cities, the findings support a network model of inter-city relations, which, the authors contend, is more appropriate than the simplistic competition model that dominates public discussion.


August 2001, ISBN 1 900834 28 6, £15.00


Global Software Outsourcing

The solution to the IT skills gap

Brian Nicholson


The report provides a summary of an international workshop which was held at the Wissenschaftszentrum Berlin on 30-31 May 2001. The objective of the workshop was to assess the current position for the UK and Germany with regard to the worldwide information technology skills shortage and to consider strategies for addressing the shortage.Outcomes and conclusions of the workshop were addressed at the level of policy and the corporate level.


July 2001, published online only


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Knowledge companies in Britain and Germany: A common response to the challenges of the emerging knowledge-based eonomy?

Dimitrios Konstadakopulos, Javier Revilla Diez, Ullrich Kockel and Björn Mildahn


The report examines and compares the trends and implications of the knowledge-based economy in two important European high-technology agglomerations in the West of England and Lower Saxony.


June 2001, published online only


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Spreading the costs of asylum seekers:A critical assessment of dispersal policies in Germany and the UK

Christina Boswell


Rising numbers of asylum seekers in Europe have generated concerns within states about imbalances in the costs borne by different regions. Germany and the UK have responded by introducing systems of dispersal of asylum seekers between Länder or regions to help redistribute the costs of reception, reduce social tensions and deter potential applicants. The report analyses German and British policies and suggests that dispersal has had mixed success in realising these goals.


June 2001, ISBN 1 900834 27 8, £12.00


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Economic Restructuring, Urban Change and Policy in the Ruhr and Merseyside, 1978-1998

Edited by Chris Couch and Hermann Bömer


Over the last three decades, both the Ruhr and Merseyside regions have experienced substantial economic restructuring and urban change. Whilst there have been significant differences in policy responses, governments in both regions have sought to promote urban regeneration and enhance the environment. It is the nature of these policy responses that is reviewed and compared in this publication.


April 2001, ISBN 1-900834-23-5,£12.00

The Rapid Internationalisation of High-Tech Young Firms in Germany and the United Kingdom

Oliver Burgel, Andreas Fier, Georg Licht and Gordon Murray


Government policies encouraging the promotion and support of new technology-based firms have become a priority in virtually all advanced economies over the last decade. The report addresses the issues concerning the critical decision to internationalise and confirms the extent and importance of internationalisation to UK and German high-tech young firms. It provides important new insights to policy makers and academics alike.


January 2001, ISBN 1 900834 25 1, £12.00


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