Reports 2000 


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Unemployment and the Insurance Compensation Principle in Britain and Germany

Andreas Cebulla, Hubert Heinelt and Robert Walker


The report examines whether risk perceptions and knowledge about national welfare provisions influence preferences for the private or public provision of social security. Whilst policies of curtailing public welfare and of 'crowding in' private provision have met with some success in Britain, private welfare has been more difficult to implement in Germany.


August 2000, ISBN 1-900834-23-5, £12.00


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The Public Interest and the Company in Germany and Britain

Shawn Donnelly, Andrew Gamble, Gregory Jackson and John Parkinson


The study focuses on the question of how the public interest has been defined in relation to the company in Britain and Germany. The report compares the different political and legal assumptions on which the company has been based in the two countries and linking this to different understandings of the public interest with regard to company behaviour and regulation.


June 2000, ISBN 1-900834-24-3, £12.00


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Unpaid Work in the Workplace

A comparison of Germany and the UK

David N.F. Bell, Alessandro Gaj, Robert A, Hart, Olaf Hübler and Wolfgang Schwerdt


There is a widespread belief that British workers spend more time at work than their Continental counterparts. This study confirmed the belief at least for comparisons between Germany and the UK. The research concentrated on unpaid overtime which is an important phenomenon in the UK, where there are approximately as many unpaid overtime hours worked as there are paid overtime hours.


June 2000, ISBN 1-900834-22-7, £12.00


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Performance-related pay and the public services: A comparison of recent approaches to reform in Germany and Great Britain

David Marsden, Dieter Sadowski, Stephen French, Karin Richertz


In Germany and Great Britain, public sector pay determination and public management have been put under severe pressure by the drive to increase efficiency and squeeze on effectiveness of new policies on pay systems and performance management in the two countries and finds a mixed record of success for performance pay in the British public services and German local government.


April 2000 ISBN 1-900834-21-9 £12.00

High-level skills, knowledge transfer and industrial performance: Electronics in Britain and Germany

Geoff Mason and Karin Wagner


Why has Germany fared less well in high-tech industries such as electronics than in traditional manufacturing industries such as mechanical engineering, motor vehicles and chemicals? Why is the reverse true for British industry which has recently shown a greatly improved trade and innovation performance in electronics? This report explores these questions in the two countries' electronics industries.


March 2000 ISBN 1-900834-20-0 £12.00

Innovationsmanagement in Deutschen und Britischen produzierenden Unternehmen

Rolf Pfeiffer und Keith Goffin


Der immer intensivere internationale Wettbewerb erfordert für produzierende Unternehmen mehr Innovation. Dieser Bericht vergleicht Innovationsmanagement in deutschen und britischenUnternehmen und gibt klare Empfehlungen für Manager, Forscher und Politiker, wie die Innova-tionsleistungen eines Unternehmens zu verbessern sind.


Februar 2000 ISBN 1-900834-18-9 £12.00

Von Großbritannien lernen? Wohlfahrtsstaatsreform im Zeichen des Dritten Weges--das Beispiel aktivierender Sozialhilfepolitik unter Blair

Lutz Leisering und Bernhard Hilkert


Deutschland und Großbritannien stehen unter Druck, ihre Wohlfahrtsstaaten umzubauen. Deshalb haben sich Gerhard Schröder und Tony Blair zu einer Politik des "Dritten Weges" bekannt. Die Studie zeigt, daß sich hinter diesem Begriff ein neues Modell zwischen neoliberalem und versorgendem Staat abzeichnet und untersucht anhand der Reform der Sozialhilfe als Schnittstelle zum Arbeitsmarkt das Konzept einer "aktivierenden" Sozialpolitik für Großbritannien und seine Übertragbarkeit auf Deutschland.


Februar 2000 ISBN 1-900834-19-7 £12.00