Reports 1999 


The Foundationís publications present the findings from its research and events on significant contemporary economic, political and social issues in a concise and accessible format. You can download all recent publications free of charge from this site (see link for each publication below).

Innovation management in British and German manufacturing companies

Keith Goffin and Rolf Pfeiffer


Due to strong international competition, companies have to become more innovative. This report focuses on how the difficult and complex task of innovation is managed in the UK and Germany, and gives clear recommendations on how managers can improve their companies' performance and on how policy-makers can help to create and innovative environment.


December 1999, ISBN 1-900834-17-0, £12.00

Explaining export success in the UK and Germany: A case-study of the medical equipment industry

Robert Anderton and Siegfried Schultz


Why does German manufacturing outperform that of the UK? Are there differences in the degree to which the products of Germany and the UK are exposed to competition from low-wage countries? This report investigates and explaines differences in the overall export performance of the UK and Germany by using a combination of data analysis at the sectoral level and detailed case-studies of firms manufacturing medical equipment. The report provides several policy recommendations which may help exporters in both Germany and the UK.


October 1999, ISBN 1-900834-15-4, £12.00

The German way: German multinationals and the management of human resources

Anthony Ferner and Matthias Z Varul


Is there anything distinctively German about how German multinationals operate? Do German multinationals 'export' the practices and culture of their parent country in managing their foreign operations? If so, do such practices confer international competitive advantage, or do they create tensions that complicate the international management process? These key questions are investigated in this report which is based on a recent study of German multinationals and the management of their human resources.


August 1999, ISBN 1-900834-16-2, £12.00

Labour market flexibility and inward investment in Germany and the UK

Philip Raines, Roland Döhrn, Ross Brown and Markus Scheuer


How important is labour market flexibility in determining an investment location? The UK's success in attracting foreign direct investment (FDI) has often been attributed to its low-level employment protection, whereas the image of German labour markets as being inflexible and costly has been cited as a reason for the country's underperformance in foreign investment attraction. This report addresses this issue by presenting the findings of a study into the relationship between employment regulation and FDI in Germany and the UK.


June 1999, ISBN 1-900834-14-6, £12.00