Reports 1998 


The Foundation’s publications present the findings from its research and events on significant contemporary economic, political and social issues in a concise and accessible format. You can download all recent publications free of charge from this site (see link for each publication below).

Labour markets in transition: Britain and Germany compared. A comparative analysis of labour force and income dynamics

Peter Elias and Viktor Steiner


This report examines recent changes in the British and German labour markets by comparing the experience of unemployment and the patterns of earnings inequality through a period in which both economies experienced significant transitions - the integration of the eastern Länder in the case of Germany, and Britain's transition to the deregulated 'flexible' economy.


Oct 1998, ISBN 1-900834-11-1, £12.00

Rail privatisation: Britain and Germany compared

Carmen Hass-Klau and Environmental Transport Planning


This report compares the British and German rail systems, and assesses the effectiveness of the different approaches to rail privatisation. The authors investigate which system is best able to achieve the goals of reducing the costs to taxpayers and enabling rail services to compete successfully with road and air transport. The report looks at whether German rail will face the challenge of UK-style privatisation and, if so, what it can learn from the British experience.


June 1998, ISBN 1-900834-09-X, £12.00

Wettbewerbspolitik und die Regu-lierung der Elektrizitätswirtschaft in Großbritannien und Deutschland

Roland Sturm, Stephen Wilks, Edmund Ortwein and Markus M Müller


This report compares the electricity supply industry in Britain and Germany and shows that, in terms of structure, rationality of operation and regulatory regime of this industry, the two countries are more distant than they have been for 50 years. This is the German version of an English-language report that the Foundation published recently.


Jan 1998, ISBN 1-900834-08-1, £12.00