Reports 1997 


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Corporate restructuring in Britain and Germany

Edited by Geoffrey Owen and Ansgar Richter


During the past two decades many of the world's leading industrial companies have undertaken far-reaching changes in their structure and strategy. In this report German and British contributors from academic and commercial backgrounds compare the situation in Britain and Germany where corporate restructuring has fundamentally changed the corporate landscape.


Dec 1997, ISBN 1-900834-07-3, £12.00

Corporate governance in large British and German companies: comparative institutional advantage or competing for best practice?

Sigurt Vitols, Steven Casper, David Soskice and Stephen Woolcock


How does corporate governance of large German and British companies work in the mid-1990s? How true are the stereotypes of short-term finance pressures in Britain and rigidity in German companies? Are distinctions breaking down, with German companies being run on more Anglo-Saxon lines? These questions are answered in this report which is based on an 18 months long research project involving in-depth interviews with managers and employee representatives in 17 large companies (8 UK, 9 German).


Dec 1997, ISBN 1-900834-10-3, £12.00

Long-term care for the elderly: Britain and Germany compared

Adalbert Evers and Tessa Harding


This report presents a timely comparison of the long-term care system for the elderly in Britain and Germany. The report examines the deficiencies in current UK provision for long-term care, and analyses a proposal by the Joseph Rowntree Foundation. It also considers in detail the organisation and funding of the German scheme and the potential relevance of this provision to the needs of the UK.


October 1997, ISBN 1-900834-04-9, £12.00

Competition policy and the regulation of the electricity supply industry in Britain and Germany

Roland Sturm and Stephen Wilks


This report compares the electricity supply industry in Britain and Germany and shows that, in terms of structure, rationality of operation, and regulatory regime of this industry, the two countries are more distant than they have been for 50 years. The report comments on the pressures for convergence, especially in view of the evolving supranational European energy policy, and assesses alternative models of regulation while emphasising the reciprocal learning opportunities.


Oct 1997, ISBN 1-900834-06-5, £12.00

Deregulation and employment in Britain and Germany

Arne Heise


Can the term 'deregulation' adequately define institutional development in Germany or Britain in the 1980s and early 1990s? This report addresses this question by comparing institutional change and forms of deregulation in the two countries, and providing a detailed economic analysis of the micro-economic effects of institutional change.


Sep 1997, ISBN 1-900834-02-2, £12.00

Whither the Committee of the Regions? British and German perspectives

Charlie Jeffery and Stephen Collins


This report discusses the value of the achievements of the Committee of the Regions (CoR), how its role should develop in the future, and the meaning of the term 'subsidiarity' which is widely seen as being central to the CoR's modus operandi. The report is based on a conference organised by the Institute for German Studies at the University of Birmingham, the AGF and the Friedrich Ebert Foundation.


June 1997, ISBN 1-900834-03-0, £12.00

Trade associations in Britain and Germany: responding to internationalisation and the EU

Robert J Bennett ed.


Based on an exchange between experts at a seminar which took place in Düsseldorf in December 1996, this collection of essays assesses recent developments, compares the experiences of trade associations in Britain and Germany and suggests policy developments required in both countries. The report includes contributions from representatives of the CBI, the Bundesverband der Deutschen Industrie, the European Commission, Bosch GmbH and others.


May 1997, ISBN 1-900834-05-7, £12.00

Corporate environmental management in Britain and Germany

Peter James, Marco Prehn and Ulrich Steger


This study examines the differences and similarities in British and German approaches to the environment in 30 matched companies. The report sheds light on the differences in the national regulatory requirements and the resulting gap in environmental performance levels.


May 1997, ISBN 1-900834-01-4, £12.00