Reports 1996


The Foundation’s publications present the findings from its research and events on significant contemporary economic, political and social issues in a concise and accessible format. You can download all recent publications free of charge from this site (see link for each publication below).

Management problems of Anglo-German business collaboration

Dagmar Ebster-Grosz and Derek Pugh


This report presents original research into the problems generated at the interface of British and German business collaboration. The report's findings are based on in-depth interviews with 99 senior managers of subsidiaries of British companies in Germany, and of German companies in Britain. The findings shed light on the economic, managerial and social issues involved.


Dec1996, ISBN 0-905492-98-6, £12.00

Employee networking and the European Works Council Directive: Britain and Germany compared

Syd Weston and Miguel Martínez Lucio


This report examines how networking activity has developed in the differing industrial relations systems of Britain and Germany, and explores the factors that conditioned networking activity among employee representatives across national boundaries prior to the implementation of the European Works Council Directive.


Nov 1996, ISBN 1-900834-00-6, £12.00

Structure and ownership of east German enterprises: an evaluation of the Treuhand

Wendy Carlin and Colin Mayer


This report reviews and evaluates the Treuhand's privatisation of east German enterprises and the resulting ownership and control structures. The authors explain how the resulting 'insider' system of corporate control will over time allow east German companies to participate in the control of their own and west German companies. A German version of this report is also available.


Anglo-German Foundation/CEPR report


Sep 1996, ISBN 0-905492-94-3, £12.00

Strukturen und Eigentumsverhältnisse der Unternehmen in den neuen Ländern: eine Einschätzung der Treuhand

Wendy Carlin und Colin Mayer


Dieser Bericht zieht eine Bilanz der Privatisierung ostdeutscher Betriebe durch die Treuhand und der neuen Eigentums- und Kontrollstrukturen. Die Autoren vertreten den Standpunkt, daß das entstandene Insider-System der Unternehmenskontrolle ostdeutschen Firmen im Laufe der Zeit die Beteiligung an der Kon-trolle eigener und westdeutscher Unternehmen erlauben wird.


Ein Bericht der Deutsch-Britischen Stiftung/CEPR


Sep 1996, ISBN 0-905492-99-4, £12.00

Unemployment and the economy of the city: London and Berlin compared

Sam Aaronovitch et al.


The present climate of increasing globalisation and international competition is forcing all major cities to define their international role and find a competitive niche for themselves. How will London and Berlin deal with this challenge? This report tries to answer this question by showing that London and Berlin could specialise and establish comple-mentarities.


April 1996, ISBN 0-905492-92-7, £12.00

International human resource practices in Britain and Germany (headline)

Elisabeth Marx


This report examines current practices in international human resource management in British and German companies and discovers weaknesses in every stage of the assignment process, from selection to repatriation. Concrete recommendations are outlined on how to improve HRM practices and the successful international expansion of British and German companies.


March 1996, ISBN 0-905492-97-8, £12.00

The creative city in Britain and Germany

Charles Landry et al.


Creativity and innovation - the lifeblood of our cities - can be used to solve urban problems like pollution, the tyranny of car dependency, and dissatisfaction with the physical environment. Drawing on the experience of experts from five British and five German cities, this report discusses how urban development problems can be solved and establishes a new agenda for focused comparative research.


January 1996, ISBN 0-905492-93-5, £12.00

A part of nature: The greening of derelict industrial land - rehabilitation policies in Britain and Germany

(TEST) Transport and Environment Studies


This book and summary report are based on a three-year research project which compared Bri-tish and German policies for the 'greening' of derelict industrial land. The study looks at whether legal provision is adequate, how finances could best be used and how agencies can speed up the greening process. The 28pp summary report, entitled Greening derelict land - rehabilitation policies in Britain and Germany, is edited by Chris Wood.


January 1996, ISBN 0-905492-85-4, £20.00


January 1996, ISBN 0-905492-90-0, £12.00

Transformation und öffentliche Meinung in Ostdeutschland und in den osteuropäischen Reformstaaten

Wolfgang Seifert


Dieser Bericht untersucht anhand repräsentativer Mei-nungsumfragen die ökonomischen Verhaltensweisen und politischen Einstellungen der Bürger der früheren DDR, besonders nach dem Systemwechsel.


Januar 1996, ISBN 0-905492-91-9, £12.00

German responses to reunification: A contextual analysis

Richard Rose and Edward C. Page


This report explores how Germans, East and West, have responded to dramatic changes in their political and economic regimes resulting from reunification. Since every German has lived under at least two regimes, evaluations are made in the light of their experience of their previous regime. The authors analyse the 1993 Reunification Survey to test the extent to which Germans show a common response.


January 1996, ISBN 0-905492-96-X, £12.00