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Green Jobs in Germany and the UK

Conference Report


The rapid growth of renewable energy sources in Germany shows that this changeover does not only make sense in ecological terms; with the right political management, the economy and the labour market can also benefit hugely from this ‘Green New Deal’. A programme of ecological modernisation will create millions of new jobs. The German and British trade unions have long recognised the potential of ‘green jobs’ - every reason therefore to make this the theme of the 8th German-British Trade Union Forum.


This year’s German–British trade union forum showed how differently the environmental industry has evolved in Germany and the United Kingdom. Prof. Martin Jänicke presented figures on the current situation in Germany; more than 1.8 million people work in this area, and around 8% of German GDP is now generated here. There is particularly strong growth in the field of renewable energies, which already provide work for over 300,000 people. Forecasts suggest that the number of people employed in the
environmental industry could double by 2020.


October 2009


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