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Work–Life BalanceConference Report 

6th British-German Trades Union Forum


The 'work–life balance’'is a term describing a new sphere of activity in the realm of
representation of interests at the workplace. In July 2007 the British–German Trade Union Forum discussed the diverse trade union activities at the interface of 'good work' and 'good life' for two days in Hamburg. After focusing on the topics of minimum wages and industrial relations in previous years, this sixth forum centred on the question of how employees can better balance their jobs and their private lives.


October 2007


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'Trading Up'
Improving and extending the European carbon market
Conference Report 

6th Conference of the British-German Environment Forum


The 2007 Spring European Council in early March decided to target a 20% cut in greenhouse gas (GHG) production by 2020, compared to 1990 levels. The Council also allowed for a 30% cut if an international agreement is reached. This sets a new challenge for policy makers in Europe. Thus the timing of the sixth British-German Environment Forum in Berlin on 26–27 March 2007 - with the aim of developing ideas and consensus to move forward the policy debate on solutions to climate change, and in particular the carbon market – could hardly have been better. The conference heard of the serious problem the world faces in limiting the output of GHGs as countries such as China and India rapidly industrialise. The EU, with the UK and Germany in the vanguard, has led the way in developing mechanisms to reduce carbon dioxide emissions, and the meeting heard about the successes – and failings – of the EU Emissions Trading Scheme, and debated how Germany and the UK together might be able to generate the political momentum required to rise to the challenge. The discussions and debates of the bilateral conference in Berlin, involving senior representatives from government, business, research and civil society at national and international level, are summarized in this conference report.


July 2007


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