Conference Reports

Indicators for Education for Sustainable Development

Conference Report

Alan Reid, Jutta Nikel and William Scott


This document reports on contemporary perspectives, challenges, and progress in the development and implementation of indicators for Education for Sustainable Development (ESD) in 2006. It discusses key issues in indicator methodology and the application of indicators to the field of ESD; existing and emerging critiques of indicators in social policy settings; and a range of ESD indicator projects underway in Europe.


December 2006


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Making Bad Jobs Better Jobs
Trade unions and the low paid sector in Germany and the UK
Conference Report

Anglo-German Foundation, Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung and Hans-Böckler-Stiftung


Transforming bad jobs into better jobs is a huge challenge – and a huge opportunity – for trade unions in Germany and the UK. It represents an opportunity to find ways of advancing the specific interests of particular groups among their members. These include the low-paid, those doing less interesting jobs with poorer career prospects, women, and migrant workers: all groups that many unions have marginalised (if not ignored) in the past. In July 2006 some 30 British and German trade unionists – from leaders and senior policymakers to workplace organisers – academics and commentators met at the Trades Union Forum in London to discuss these issues.


November 2006


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Raising Productivity Levels in Britain and Germany

Briefing Paper

Heiko Fritz


The level of productivity has been a subject for concern for more than a century in the UK, as it has always lagged behind major competitors on the world market such as the US, Germany and Japan. By contrast, German productivity levels have traditionally been relatively high. However, since reunification a serious productivity gap between eastern and western Germany has opened up. For this reason, raising productivity either on the country level or regionally has to be considered a major task for economic policy in both Germany and the UK.


This briefing paper is the result of the seminar ‘Raising Productivity Levels in the UK and Germany’, which was part of the Search for Solutions series and was held on 8 September 2004 in London.


May 2006


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Reducing Greenhouse Gas Emissions from Aviation

Conference Report

Edited by Jacqueline Cottrell


This conference, organised by the NGO Green Budget Germany and Environmental Consultancy eftec, set out to evaluate market-based instruments for the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions from aviation. Particular emphasis was placed on Germany and the United Kingdom, as these two countries have contributed considerably to the discussion of this topic on the international agenda. The timing of the conference was very pertinent, as the UK aimed to advance the inclusion of the aviation sector in the EU Emissions Trading Scheme during its EU Presidency in the second half of 2005. The discussions and debates of the November conference are summarized in this conference report


February 2006


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