Oxford University Press will publish a major book series based on the Anglo-German Foundation initiative 'creating sustainable growth in europe' in 2010. The forthcoming titles are listed below under 'Outlook 2010'.


Palgrave (formerly Macmillan Press Ltd) publishes an Anglo-German Foundation series of books on economics, industry, social policy and the environment. Books in the Palgrave Series can be obtained directly through Palgrave or from bookshops.



Environmental Tax Reform

Paul Ekins
Oxford University Press, 2010
ISBN: 978-0-19-958450-5


Converging Worlds of Welfare
Towards new social policy settlements in Germany and the United Kingdom

Jochen Clasen
Oxford University Press, 2010
ISBN: 978-0-19-958449-9


The New Politics of Inequality and Education

Christian Dustmann, Stephen Machin and David Soskice

Oxford University Press, 2010


Determinants and Consequences of Productivity Growth in Europe, the US, and Asia

Tobias Kretschmer

Oxford University Press, 2010



Germany's Economic Performance
From Unification to Euroisation

Edited by Jens Hölscher

This book analyzes Germany's economic performance at the turn of the twenty-first century. The period under observation strecthes from Germany's unification in 1990 over the death of the German Mark to first experiences with the Euro, with East Germany providing a hot topic of debate. 


March, 2007, ISBN 1-4039-9950-3, 289pp, hardback



Globalization of Capital Markets and Monetary Policy

Jens Hölscher and Horst Tomann


Globalization of capital markets has received new momentum and it will continue to be of major importance for the years to come. Partly, the increasing integration of financial markets and the rise of foreign direct investment is a consequence of world trade expansion. But in addition to this underlying trend, the worldwide collapse of socialist systems and the opening up of big economies like India and China have fuelled the development of globalized capital markets. This book takes stock of recent developments with emphasis on emerging capital markets.


September 2005, ISBN 1-403-94347-8, 272pp, hardback, £60.00



Responsibility and Social Capital

Laura J. Spence, André Habisch and René Schmidpeter


Social responsibility and social capital are high on the agenda of governments and corporations. But what of the small firm? Little is known about the small firm response to social issues, despite their domination of the business landscape. This book brings empirical research on social responsibility from Germany, the UK and the Netherlands together with the theoretical concept of social capital. It makes fascinating and sometimes surprising reading for all those concerned with the role business plays in society.


October 2004, ISBN 1-403-94315-X, 192pp, hardback, £50.00



Academia Business Links

Rüdiger Wink


This book presents an overview of recent policy outcomes in the field of academia-business links in different European countries. It covers a broad range of approaches, from new public funding instruments to reforms of intellectual property rights and regional network policies. A special focus is put on practical policy implications and discussions about reform.


June 2004, ISBN 1-403-93664-1, 304pp, hardback, £50.00



Challenging Racism in Britain and Germany

Zig Layton-Henry and Czarina Wilpert


This collection analyses some of the factors that contribute to racism and exclusion in Britain and Germany such as citizenship laws, racial violence, discrimination in education and employment, anti-semitism and the rise of the far right. Strategies to combat racism, racist violence and discrimination in Britain are described and analysed and proposals for anti-discrimination legislation in Germany are considered.


March 2003, ISBN , 0-333-64317-8, 304 pp, hardback, £47.50



Urban Planning and Cultural Inclusion

Edited by William J.V. Neill and Hanns-Uve Schwedler


ISBN 0-333-79368-4, 231pp, hardback



Financial Competition, Risk and Accountability

Edited by Stephen F. Frown and Francis P. McHugh


ISBN 0-333-73590-0, 319pp, hardback



Fifty Years of the German Mark - Essays in Honour of Stephen F. Frowen

Edited by Jens Hölscher


ISBN 0-333-75267-8, 248pp, hardback



France, Germany and Britain - Partners in a Changing World

Edited by Mairi Maclean and Jean-Marc Trouille


ISBN 0-333-92160-7, 208pp, hardback



Stereotypes in Contemporary Anglo-German Relations

Rainer Emig


ISBN 0-333-79341-2, 224pp, hardback



Risk in the Modern Age

Edited by Maurie J. Cohen


ISBN 0-333-72639-1, 264pp, hardback



Learning and Work in the Risk Society

Karen Evans, Martina Behrens and Jens Kaluza


ISBN 0-333-77751-4, 188pp, hardback



Political Thought and German Reunification - The new German Ideology?

Edited by Howard Williams, Colin Wight and Norbert Kapferer


ISBN 0-333-74977-4, 239pp, hardback



Adversity and Challenge in Life in the new Germany and in England

Edited by John Bynner and Rainer K. Silbereisen


ISBN 0-333-73375-4, 313pp, hardback



Cities in Transition - New Challenges, New Responsibilities

Edited by Bernhard Blanke and Randall Smith


ISBN 0-333-74660-0, 288pp, hardback



Social Transformation and the Family in Post-Communist Germany

Edited by Eva Kolinsky


ISBN 0-333-69987-4, 237pp, hardback



The German Currency Union of 1990: A Critical Assessment

Edited by Stephen Frowen and Jens Hölscher


ISBN 0-333-64279-1, 269pp, hardback



Anglo-German Business Collaboration: Pitfalls and Potentials

Dagmar Ebster-Grosz and Derek Pugh


ISBN 0-333-65206-1, 237pp, hardback