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Official Launch of the EEAG Report on the European Economy 2006

Launch Event


Official Launch of the EEAG Report on the European Economy 2006

March 8, 10 am, Anglo-German Foundation


EEAG stands for the European Economic Advisory Group created in 2002 by the CESifo Group , which includes Germany's prestigious Ifo Institute for Economic Research and the Center for Economic Studies at the University of Munich. As one of Europe's foremost economics research organisations, the CESifo Group makes significant contributions to policy debate, publishes internationally influential economic indices such as the Ifo Business Climate Indicator and the World Economic Survey (WES), and maintains free-access databases such as the Database for Institutional Comparisons in Europe (DICE).


Once a year, it also releases a report that combines the economic forecasting experience of Germany’s Ifo Institute with the competence of its authors, eight internationally renowned scholars in economics from seven countries.


As in previous years, the upcoming EEAG Report 2006 will provide a comprehensive forecast for the coming twelve months and address topical policy issues, including merger and competition policy in the European Union, economic growth in the EU as a mid-term review of the Lisbon Agenda, education policy for Europe, and the role of European policy-making in dealing with global imbalances.


The official presentation will have the format of a discussion between three of the authors — John Kay, Gilles Saint-Paul and Giancarlo Corsetti — with the academics, politicians, businessmen and media representatives attending the presentation.