Lecture Information:


Productive Activities for the Unemployed

Berlin Lunchtime Meeting 


SPEAKER: Prof. Dr. Johann Eekhoff, former State Secretary Productive Activities for the Unemployed


COMMENT: Alexander von Gersdorff, Rheinische Post


CHAIR: Dr. Hilmar Schneider, Director of Labor Policy, Institute for the Study of Labor, IZA Bonn


Date: 26 October 2005


In the previous lecture, the deficiencies of Hartz IV were described, and changes were finally suggested for transforming the current job reduction program into a policy-structured, simple and powerful model for the reduction of unemployment.


Johann Eekhoff is director and professor at the Institute for Economic Policy at the University of Köln, as well as director of the Institute for Housing Law and Housing Economics. >From 1991 until 1994, Johann Eekhoff was the State Secretary of the Federal Ministry of Economics under Helmut Kohl. He has published countless articles concerning policy structure.


Alexander von Gersdorff is the Berlin economics correspondent for Dusseldorf’s Rheinischen Post, a position he has occupied since March 2005. Previously, he served as Economics editor for the newspaper Die Welt and as Parliamentary correspondent for the Berliner Morgenpost. His areas of specialization include budgeting/finance, social systems, and labor markets. We look forward to your participation.