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Britain as a Model of Modern Society?

German views

International Conference


Date: 9-11 July 2004

Location: Europäische Akademie, Bismarckallee 46/48, 14193 Berlin


During the 19th and 20 th century the Germans had a continuous perception of Great Britain (or England) which covered many areas and was used for many purposes. One of the primary aims of the conference is therefore to mediate an overview of this perception and to identify general trends and blind spots within it.


However, the conference also aims to prepare the way for further research. For this reason it will offer space for methodical considerations, particularly on questions of cultural transfer and entangled history. Who were the mediators of British/German relationships? What role did the media play? Which political and cultural institutions tried to steer British-German relationships? Is it possible to identify specific perceptions in the sequence of generations? These questions run right across research work to date and promise to open up new perspectives in British-German relationships.


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