Seminar Information:

The Future University



Date: 6-9 February 2003

Location: Weimar


This seminar - a joint event by Durham University, the Konrad Adenauer Stiftung and the Anglo-German Foundation - is a third in a row of Anglo-German seminars which have had probing papers, addresses and discussions on the nature of universities and the particular strengths they bring to society at this time of considerable social, political and economic change. The seminars have been illuminating and are making a contribution to considering the future role of universities.


The Seminar raise issues as


  • How universities are to relate to wider society and the forces that shape it remains a major concern.
  • In this world situation of remarkable complexity, what are the responsibilities of universities?
  • What benefits can they bring?
  • How are effective connections made between them and those who resource society, whether through business, government, culture or religion?


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