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High Tec Business Services in Germany and the UK: Knowledge Intensive Services and Changing Organisational Forms


PARTICIPANTS: Leslie Willcocks (Warwick Business School), Volker Mahnke and Mikkel Overby (Copenhagen Business School), Jeremy Howells (University of Manchester), Mark Lehrer (University of Rhode Island), Glenn Morgan (Warwick Business School), Bart Nooteboom (Erasmus Universitieit Rotterdam), Claudio Ciborra (London School of Economics).


Date: 26-27 November 2003

Location: ESRC Centre for Research on Innovation and Competition (CRIC) and Institute of Innovation Research (IoIR), University of Manchester, Manchester


IT outsourcing and management consultancy services are two areas that have shown remarkable growth in recent years. Moreover, these services are provided in increasingly complex inter-organisational arrangements, with, for example, the emergence of 'mega-contracts' for IT services and 'business process outsourcing' in the area of consulting. This workshop has two aims. First, it seeks to explore the influence of a country's institutional arrangements on the evolution of knowledge intensive services - namely, the IT (software and computer services) sector and the management consulting services sector. Secondly, it aims to analyse the implications for organizational performance and for questions regarding the boundaries, control and co-ordination of the modern enterprise.


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Marcela Miozzo, Damian Grimshaw and Rod Coombs