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Europeanisation of Employment Policy
More than a declaration?

Concluding workshop of AGF Research Project


SPEAKER: Mrs Odile Quintin, General Director of DG Employment, European Commission


Date: 20 June 2003

Location: Montessori-Saal, Jean-Monnet-Haus, Bundesallee 22, 10717 Berlin


Despite the recent cyclical upturn, unemployment remains high in many EU member states. Measures to deal with it have had only inconsistent success and there are suggestions that more radical reforms of welfare systems are needed.


Since 1997 the promotion of employment has become a top priority of the EU. Especially the European Employment Strategy (EES) supports this priority by coordinating national employment policies at the European level.


The question if and how the EES impacts on national employment policies is of central interest for the underlying research project, which analyses the impact of the EES in the UK and in Germany. Both countries have very different conceptual, institutional and administrative approaches to employment policy. Thus, the UK and Germany are often characterised as belonging to distinctive employment and welfare regimes. Deregulation and flexibilisation are relevant key words in this context.


Project partners are:

Professor Dr W. Wessels, Jean-Monnet Chair for Political Sciences, University of Cologne

Professor Dr Iain Begg, European Institute, London School of Economics


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