Workshop Information:



The Impact of Europeanisation
Employment policies in Germany and the United Kingdom


Date: 4 February 2003

Location: London, Anglo-German Foundation


The purpose of the workshop is to discuss the findings of a comparative research project involving researchers from the University of Cologne and South Bank University, and to subject them to expert scrutiny, comment and criticism.


For this purpose we are inviting a number of experts, like yourself, from business, policy-making, practitioner and academic backgrounds.


The workshop will start with introductory presentations by members of the two research teams, but these will be kept brief to allow for extensive discussion of what is an important dimension of economic and social policy.


It looks at the political and economic aspects of employment policy in the two countries, and focuses especially on how these have been influenced by the European Employment Strategy.


For a short description of the project and of the key research questions it has sought to elucidate.


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