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Britain and Germany: Two Competing Models of Capitalism?


Date: 6 November 2003

Location: Caritas-Pirckheimer Haus, Nürnberg, Koenigstr. 64


Dr Ray Cunningham will lecture about 'Britain and Germany: Two competing Models of Capitalism?' Is the future of business Anglo-American? Is the 'social market economy' doomed?


It is often argued - indeed it has almost acquired the status of received wisdom - that Britain and Germany represent two models or types of political economy; models, moreover, which are in competition, not just for international markets, but for economic hegemony. And increasingly it is argued that the 'German model' cannot hope to prevail - perhaps even to survive - in the globalised international economy, and that Germany must either adopt the Anglo-American model or inevitably face economic decline. Ray Cunningham will ask how well this received wisdom matches the empirical evidence and analysis provided by a number of studies comparing the two political economies carried out for the Anglo-German Foundation.