Lecture Information:



Britain and Germany: Two Competing Models of Capitalism?


Date: 12 March 2003

Location: Centre for British Studies in Berlin


Lecture to be held at the 24th British-Berlin Seminar organised by the Centre for British Studies. Dr Ray Cunningham will lecture about 'Britain and Germany: Two competing Models of Capitalism?' Is the future of business Anglo-American? Is the 'social market economy' doomed?


Is the future of business Anglo-American? Is the 'social market economy' doomed?It is often argued - indeed it has almost acquired the status of received wisdom - that Britain and Germany represent two models or types of political economy; models, moreover, which are in competition, not just for international markets, but for economic hegemony. And increasingly it is argued that the 'German model' cannot hope to prevail - perhaps even to survive - in the globalised international economy, and that Germany must either adopt the Anglo-American model or inevitably face economic decline. Ray Cunningham will ask how well this received wisdom matches the empirical evidence and analysis provided by a number of studies comparing the two political economies carried out for the Anglo-German Foundation.


Dr Ray Cunningham, a British national with a Scottish father and a German mother, studied German and French at King's College London before spending two years at the University of Würzburg teaching English language and literature and British culture and institutions. Having completed a PhD on politics in the writings of Thomas Mann in 1985, he worked in academic publishing for five years, mainly as commissioning editor in the fields of Politics and International Relations and Literary and Cultural Studies. In 1991 he joined the Anglo-German Foundation for the Study of Industrial Society as Projects Director. The Foundation, which has its main seat in London, is a registered charity funded by the British and German governments to further Anglo-German relations by promoting mutual knowledge and co-operation aimed at the beneficial development of industrial society. This is mainly done through the funding of comparative research projects in the fields of economic, environmental, social and industrial policy. He was made Deputy Director in 2000 and took over the representation of the Foundation in Germany, setting up an office in Berlin, where he now lives. Ray Cunningham has lectured on 'Germany and Britain in Europe' at the Policy Studies Institute in London; 'Rhineland versus Anglo-Saxon Capitalism' at the DAAD Lektorenkonferenz and 'Stereotypes at work: British and German Capitalism' at Cardiff University. He has been a regular participant in the Königswinter Conferences. In 1998, he co-founded, with Ian Christie of the think-tank Demos, the British-German Environment Forum, an annual Anglo-German conference for mutual learning and co-operation towards sustainability.