Events 2002

Sustaining Food, Sustaining Farmers >>>

British-German Environmental Forum 4



The fourth annual conference organised by the BGEF at the Royal Agricultural College in Cirencester brought together some fifty experts from government, farmers' associations, NGOs, universities and the media in both countries to explore issues of sustainability in agriculture and food production. It offered an opportunity to exchange ideas and experience on how to move towards an agricultural sector which is sustainable in scientific, economic and political terms over the long term. Forum participants investigated the complex interconnections between agriculture, rural communities, and every part of the food production chain.


The discussions and debates are summarized in a conference report.


Date: 25-26 November 2002


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Britain and Germany: Two Competing Models of Capitalism?Lecture


Lecture held by Dr Ray Cunningham in Berlin: Is the future of business Anglo-American? Is the 'social market economy' doomed?


Date: 4 November 2002

The German Elections as Seen from the UKPanel Discussion


Panel discussion in Berlin organized in co-operation with the Großbritannien-Zentrum (Centre for British Studies).


CHAIRMAN: Dr Ray Cunningham (Anglo-German Foundation)

PANELISTS: Ben Bradshaw (Labour MP), Michael Sontheimer (London Correspondent/Der Spiegel), Professor Charlie Jeffrey (University of Birmingham)


Venue: Großbritannienzentrum, Jägerstraße 10/11, 10117 Berlin

Date: 14 October 2002

Cross-National Management of Human ResourcesUnited States Multinationals in Germany and the U.K.



The conference in Trier will investigate the ability of US multinationals (MNCs) to mobilise and utilise human resources in Britain and Germany and the impact this has on the host country. It will provide a forum for sharing and discussing the findings of a two-year reserach project funded by the AGF.


Questions to be addressed include:


  • To what extent can these companies draw on specific advantages of their home country in the host society?
  • Does the more regulated German business system act as a constraint or does it support best practise?


Date: 11 October 2002

The Countryside in the 21st Century: British-German Perpectives >>>



Britain and Germany have contrasting forms of rural governance and different rural problems and priorities. The conference at Turnau castle close to Bayreuth will provide a forum for sharing research and identifying common themes/areas for research collaboration. It will comprise fieldtrips and paper sessions, so that all participants can observe and discuss rural policy issues at first hand.


Date: 3-7 September 2002

Britain and Germany: Two Competing Models of Capitalism? >>>

Lecture Tour


Lecture Tour held by Dr Ray Cunningham in Leipzig, Bielefeld, Düsseldorf and Freiburg: Is the future of business Anglo-American? Is the 'social market economy' doomed?


Date: 6/11/12/13 June 2002

Derailed - Aus dem Gleis
Customer rights and rail privatisation >>>



Conference held in Berlin on customer rights and rail privatization: What lesson can Germany draw from the British experience?


Date: 5 June 2002

German Health Reform - The Way Forward >>>

Politeia Lecture



Lecture held in London on the German health system and reform for the future, exploring the different approaches to funding, competition and provision of healthcare in Germany.


Date: 13 May 2002

Middle East and North African Immigrants in Europe >>>


Conference held in Oxford on recent developments in immigration legislation, also presenting the results of new research on issues effecting immigration in Europe.


Date: 10-11 May 2002

Employability and security in a flexible global labour market >>>

German-British Trade Union Forum


Trades Union Forum on 'Flexicurity', Conference held in Esher/UK, organized in co-operation with the Friedrich Ebert Stiftung.


Date: 2-3 May 2002

The Future of Conservatism: British-German Perspectives >>>



Conference held in Munich/Wildbad Kreuth on the future prospects of conservatism, organized by the Institute for German Studies/Birmingham and the Hanns-Seidel Stiftung.


Date: 19-21 April 2002

The Future for Professionalised Work in Germany and Britain >>>



Workshop held in Bremen on the impact of technical, organisational and policy changes on professional work in institutions in Germany and Britain.


Date: 22-23 March 2002

Charity Law and Change >>>

Research Conference


Research conference held in Berlin on changes in the legal framework in which charities operate and on the role of charities in modern society.


Date: 21-22 February 2002

Comparing London and Frankfurt as world cities >>>

Report Launch


Research conference held in Frankfurt on changing London-Frankfurt relations with the coming of a single European currency.


Date: 30 January 2002

Child Poverty in Britain and Germany >>>

Report Launch


Research conference held in London on patterns and trends in child poverty in the two countries.


Date: 24 January 2002