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Britain and Germany - Two Competing Models of Capitalism?

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Ray Cunningham's Lecture Tour for the Deutsch-Britische Gesellschaft




  • 06 June (Leipzig)
  • 11 June (Bielefeld)
  • 12 June (Düsseldorf)
  • 13 June (Freiburg

Dr Ray Cunningham will lecture about 'Britain and Germany: Two competing Models of Capitalism?' Is the future of business Anglo-American? Is the 'social market economy' doomed?


It is often argued - indeed it has almost acquired the status of received wisdom - that Britain and Germany represent two models or types of political economy; models, moreover, which are in some sense in competition, or even at war. Not in the sense that each country competes for international markets, but in the sense that the structures and institutions which characterise each system - a 'liberal market (or Anglo-American) economy' versus a 'social market (or 'Rhineland') economy' - are antithetical, and cannot be mixed. You must choose either one or the other. And the wrong choise, or any attempt to mix elements of one with the other, will unfailingly lead to economic backwardness. The arguments employed - on either side - in the debate about a possible shift towards 'shareholder value' in the boardrooms of German companies are only one example of how this way of looking at the world frames and structures much of our thinking. Ray Cunningham will ask how well this received wisdom matches the empirical evidence and analysis provided by a number of studies comparing the two political economies carried out for the Anglo-German Foundation.


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