Themes and Programmes


The initiative addresses the following core themes:


  • Innovation, Productivity and Growth
  • Environment and Resources
  • and Welfare, Employment and Social Justice

The research is organised in four linked programmes, each addressing one or more of the core themes. Each programme will run for three years and will be carried out by a multi-national, multi-institutional and multi-disciplinary team of distinguished researchers.

Explaining Productivity and Growth in Europe, America and Asia >>> Programme Coordinator: Professor Tobias Kretschmer, University of Munich/Centre for Economic Performance, LSE
Resource Productivity, Environmental Tax Reform and Sustainable Growth in Europe >>> Programme Coordinator: Professor Paul Ekins, Policy Studies Institute, London
The Economics and Politics of Employment, Migration and Social Justice >>> Programme Coordinator: Professor Christian Dustmann, University College London
Sustainable welfare and sustainable growth - Towards a new social settlement in Germany and the United Kingdom? >>>

Programme Coordinator: Professor Jochen Clasen, University of Edinburgh