Conferences 2009

During the first half of 2009 each of the four csge programmes hosted closing conferences to debate their findings with the research community.


Additionally, on 29 October 2009, the Foundation hosted a major one-day policy event at the Auswärtiges Amt Berlin, and will be hosting a mirrowing event at the Royal Society in London on 25 November 2009, to debate the implications of the findings of the initiative as a whole with an invited audience from the policy community in each country.

Sustainable Welfare and Sustainable Growth
Towards a new social settlement in Germany and the UK? >>>

Final conference


The academic conference presented and discussed the outcomes of following research projects dedicated to identify shifts in the role of public and private (occupational) welfare provision in a European context:


• Research into the fields of family policy, pension policy and dynamic conceptions of social justice.
• Investigation into how the German and British welfare states are adapting to common as well as country-specific societal, demographic and labour market challenges.
• Identification of shifts in the role of public and private (occupational) welfare provision and to assess the sustainability of new welfare mixes in a European context.
Contribution to public policy by providing an encompassing and nuanced assessment of cross-national similarities and differences.
• Improved understanding of options, and limitations, for policy learning.


To see the conference programme please click here


Date: 3-4 April 2009

Place: in Edinburgh


For more information please contact


Jochen Clasen and Jannis Johann
(Programme Coordination)
University of Edinburgh
School of Social and Political Studies
Chrystal Macmillan Building
15a George Square
Edinburgh EH8 9LD


Email: [email protected]

The Economics and Politics of Employment, Migration and Social Justice

Final conference


This conference linked questions of economic sustainability with
social and political sustainability:

• Is there necessarily a trade-off between efficiency and social
justice in a world in which barriers to trade and capital
movements are low – and in which international migration
is becoming accepted?

• Or is it possible to imagine policies which allow high
efficiency and social justice in a sustainable model?


Date: 22-23 May 2009  (TBC)
Place: London, UCL

Explaining Productivity and Growth in Europe, America and Asia

Final conference


This conference analysed whether sustainable growth can be enhanced by better management of firms. The focus of the analysis is productivity growth and its consequences for energy use and the wellbeing of employees. The research programme asked two core questions:


  • What accounts for Europe’s slower productivity growth compared to the US – and what can be done to improve it?
  • Are policies to foster economic growth in conflict with environmental targets?


Date: 30 June 2009
Place: Brussels


For a draft conference programme please click here

Resource Productivity, Environmental Tax Reform and Sustainable Growth in Europe

Final conference


The objectives of the conference were:


  • To present and discuss the results of the PETRE project in a way that is simultaneously of interest to academics, policy makers and representatives of interested organisations (such as businesses, environmental NGOs, policy think tanks etc.)
  • Thereby to stimulate wider awareness of environmental tax reform (ETR) as a key policy approach for stimulating resources efficiency, reducing carbon emissions and improving economic competitiveness. 


The main questions which the conference addressed, and which the PETRE research has sought to answer, are:

  1. What is the experience of ETR in Europe?
  2. What opportunities are presented by ETR in Europe?
  3. What might a large-scale ETR in Europe look like and what would be its implications for the rest of the world?
  4. What are the obstacles to ETR in Europe?
  5. What might be a way forward for ETR in Europe? 


Date: 15-16 July 2009

Place: King’s College, London


For more information please contact


Professor Paul Ekins

Professor of Energy and Environment Policy  

UCL Energy Institute, University College London

Central House, 14 Upper Woburn Place

Euston, London WC1H 0HY


Email: [email protected]