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Berlin/London - 22 Februar 2009


Hilft der Umwelt, schadet der Wirtschaft nicht


Volkswirtschaftler sehen in CO2-Abgabe kostenneutrales Instrument zur Sicherung von Arbeitsplätzen.


Wissenschaftler der London School of Economics (LSE) sind in einer von der Deutsch-Britischen Stiftung geförderten Untersuchung zu dem Schluss gekommen, dass eine Besteuerung des Kohlendioxid-Ausstoßes die Luftverschmutzung verringern kann, ohne Unternehmen zu schaden. Ergebnisse der Studie stellt der in London arbeitende deutsche Volkswirtschaftler Ralf Martin am 25. Februar in Berlin vor.


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Berlin/London - 22 February 2009

Carbon taxes.

Good for the Planet, not bad for the Economy


New research shows that carbon taxes can reduce pollution but also secure existing jobs without leading to more government spending during the financial crisis.

Researchers from the London School of Economics (LSE), led by the economist Ralf Martin, found that carbon taxes can reduce pollution without harming the economy. In 2001 the U.K. government introduced a tax on energy used by industry – the Climate Change Levy (CCL). The study, supported by the Anglo-German Foundation, is based on an in-depth evaluation of the effect of this policy on individual firms using a representative sample of the UK economy, which includes detailed data from more than 10,000 companies. Ralf Martin presented the results on 25 February at the Berlin Lunchtime Meeting hosted by the Anglo-German Foundation and Deutsches Institut für Wirtschaftsforschung.


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