Press Releases 2006

London/Berlin - 22 November 2006

New Anglo-German Foundation Report

Wind Power in Britain and Germany

Explaining contrasting development paths


How come Britain has all the wind, but Germany has all the wind farms?


Despite having only average wind conditions, Germany has the largest operating capacity of wind power in the world and enjoys world leadership in the manufacture of wind turbines. In contrast, the UK has the best wind resource in Europe but little installed capacity and an underdeveloped manufacturing base.


A new Anglo-German Foundation Report suggests that German policy-makers recognised the need to adjust policy instruments to changes and developments in the policy environment and acted accordingly, whereas their British counterparts have so far failed to draw the necessary lessons from national experience or international comparison.


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London/Berlin - 21 June 2006

New Anglo-German Foundation Report

The British Banking System: A Good Role Model for Germany?


A new AGF report suggests that there are serious issues in Britain  with regard to access to payments services and finance,  the provision of small business bank account services and widespread branch closures.


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Support for Journalists


To encourage balanced and informed media coverage of issues in contemporary Britain and Germany, the Anglo-German Foundation offers a range of support services to British journalists researching articles or programmes on Germany, and German journalists doing similar research for features on the UK.

These services replace the annual Journalism Prizes offered by the Foundation during the 1990's. Services on offer range from access to the Foundation's extensive network of contacts among researchers, analysts, and policy-makers in both countries to modest financial support for research visits to the target country.


For details please contact Communications on +49 30 2063 4985 or send an e-mail to [email protected].



AGF Executive Summaries


Executive summaries are short documents addressing the policy implications of the research findings. Executive Summaries are published within the reports and are also available separately on our publications page. A German Version of most Executive Summaries is available online.



Press Inquiries


Press inquiries should be made to Annette Birkholz (Communications) on +49 30 2063 4985 or [email protected].