Berlin 29 October | London 25 November

After thirty-six years, over 1,000 project grants, 600 publications and 400 networking events, the Anglo-German Foundation will cease operations on 4 December 2009.

The Foundation’s work has had a substantial impact in research and policy circles since it was established in 1973. It was created by the British and German governments to serve two objectives. The first – urgently needed, in the year in which Britain joined what is now the European Union – was to improve mutual knowledge between the two countries. The second was to deepen our understanding of modern industrial society and its problems.
Due not least to the pioneering work of the Foundation, the knowledge in each country of the socio-economic system of the other is now far greater, and the networks of exchange and cooperation in research and policy circles are far more extensive. The value of comparative Anglo-German social science is firmly established, and this work increasingly goes forward, building on well-established foundations, with the support of other national and international bodies.
The founding Charter initially had a term of 12 years, which has been renewed twice since then, and will now expire in December 2009. In 2004, the Trustees, satisfied that the Foundation had largely fulfilled, within the limits of its resources, the objectives for which it was established, decided to devote the remaining assets to one final major project designed to set the seal on its work to date and at the same time to point the way ahead for enlightened economic and social policy in the coming decades.
Entitled creating sustainable growth in europe, this initiative was launched in 2005. It is without precedent in terms of the scope of its comparative empirical base and the ambition of its integrative approach, covering economic, environmental, social and political aspects of sustainability.
The research work has now been completed, and the Foundation will publish summaries of the findings, distribute them to all participants, and launch them into the public debate, at two major policy seminars in Berlin and London, on 29 October and 25 November respectively. Each full-day seminar will be followed by a reception in the evening.

The closing seminars and receptions will provide an opportunity not only to debate the findings of this important research initiative, but to celebrate the Foundation’s history and contribution to public life over the preceding 36 years. We hope that all of our friends and supporters will want to join us.
Invitations, together with final programmes, will be sent out over the coming two months. Space is limited, so please register early.
For further information, or to pre-register, please contact
[email protected].

Ray Cunningham
Anglo-German Foundation