The Anglo-German Foundation

Origin and Status

The Anglo-German Foundation for the Study of Industrial Society is a registered charity incorporated in the UK by Royal Charter. Our joint patrons are HRH the Duke of Edinburgh and the President of the Federal Republic of Germany, Horst Köhler. It was established in1973 by an agreement between the British and German governments, on the initiative of the German President at that time, Gustav Heinemann.



The Foundation's assets derive from an original endowment made by the German government and from grants subsequently provided by both governments. In the management, distribution and use of its resources, the Foundation is guided only by its founding Charter and charitable status, and is independent of government.



The Foundation contributes to the policy process in Britain and Germany by funding comparative research on economic, environmental and social issues and by organising and supporting conferences, seminars, lectures and publications which encourage the exchange of knowledge, ideas and best practice, both between the two countries and between researchers and practitioners.


Over the past thirty years, the Foundationís work has significantly deepened the understanding of modern industrial society; it has been instrumental in establishing comparative research as an essential component of evidence-based policy development; and it has provided a unique forum for exchange and discussion on topical and important issues of common concern between the two countries.



  • The Foundation provides grants and other resources for bi-lateral research, seminars and conferences.
  • It publishes and disseminates comparative research findings, information, comment and analysis.
  • It offers a platform for networking between academics, politicians, entrepreneurs, managers, employee and employer representatives and journalists in both countries.